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Project/Activity NameTownActivity TypeStatusPermit #
1 Taylor Street Transit Center Redevelopment MontpelierStormwater General Permit 3-9020 (CGP) for Low Risk Projects: Notice of IntentFinal Decision / Appeal7771-9020
1173 Grandview Road Subdivision ColchesterStormwater General Permit 3-9020 (CGP) for Low Risk Projects: Notice of IntentIn Review7921-9020
1276YorkStExt-violation-Poultney PoultneyWetlands DeterminationDraft Decision / Comment2017-466.D
1318 ShellhouseMtnRd-Ferrisburgh FerrisburghWetlands Individual PermitDraft Decision / Comment2016-681.01
1475 Jasper Mine Road PUD ColchesterStormwater General Permit 3-9020 (CGP) for Low Risk Projects: Notice of IntentIn Review7941-9020
1628AustinHillRd-Rochester RochesterWetlands Individual PermitFinal Decision / Appeal2017-462
1628AustinHillRd-Rochester RochesterWetlands DeterminationFinal Decision / Appeal2017-462.D
1GreenbushRdSolarFerrisburgh FerrisburghWetlands Individual PermitDraft Decision / Comment2016-369
2018 ANC GP  Aquatic Nuisance Control General PermitDraft Decision / Comment 
2018 Water Main Replacement and Relining BurlingtonPublic Water System Construction PermitIn ReviewC-3564-18.0
202NaturalTurnpikeRipton RiptonWetlands After the Fact PermitIn Review2017-508
218LowerMountainRdCostco ColchesterWetlands Individual PermitIn Review2013-189.01
222 and 200 Dorset Street South BurlingtonIndividual Stormwater Discharge Permit (INDS)Draft Decision / Comment4461-INDS.ATR
2320ShedsvilleRdWestWindsor West WindsorWetlands Individual PermitIn Review2017-535
26 McMullen Road/North Gardens Lanes MiltonStormwater General Permit 3-9020 (CGP) for Low Risk Projects: Notice of IntentFinal Decision / Appeal5939-9020.1
282HollowRdVTGasMonkton MonktonWetlands General Permit AuthorizationIn Review2017-510
3556VTRte17-South Starksboro StarksboroWetlands General Permit AuthorizationFinal Decision / Appeal2017-502
463OldTalcMineRdWaitsfield WaitsfieldWetlands Individual PermitDraft Decision / Comment2010-200.01
463OldTalcMineRdWaitsfield_Wetland Determination WaitsfieldWetlands DeterminationDraft Decision / Comment2010-200.D
494 Farr Road WaterburyStormwater General Permit 3-9020 (CGP) for Low Risk Projects: Notice of IntentDraft Decision / Comment7899-9020
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  1. "Permit" includes any permit, certification, license, registration, determination, or similar form of permission required from the Department by law.
  2. "General permit" means a permit that applies to a class or category of discharges, emissions, disposal, facilities, or activities within a common geographic area, including the entire State or a region of the State.
  3. "Application Received" means the date the application has been received by the Department.
  4. "Administratively Complete Application" means an application for a permit or notice of intent under a general permit for which all initially required documentation has been submitted, and any required permit fee, and the information submitted initially addresses all application requirements but has not yet been subjected to a complete technical review. For purposes of a general permit, it shall be considered administratively complete when the draft general permit has been placed on public notice.
  5. "Technical Review" means the application of scientific, engineering, or other professional expertise to the facts to determine whether activity for which a permit is requested meets the standards for issuing the permit under statute and rule.
  6. "Draft Decision/Draft Permit" follows the completion of a Technical Review for most activities.
  7. "Public Comment Period" if applicable, will be held for at least 14 days after the draft decision or permit has been issued. Public comments can only be submitted during this time frame.
  8. "Appeal Period" will be held for 30 days after the final decision or final permit has been issued. Once the appeal period has ended the activity will no longer be on public notice.
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Final Decision
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Public meetings are held for public discussion of the project and soliciting public feedback. Keep in mind that meeting times and locations are subject to change. Please check back prior to the meeting date to stay informed of any changes.
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If the latitude and longitude are unknown or there are multiple locations in which the activity will take place, the map may reflect the center of the primary town listed on the application.
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